Monday, November 2, 2009

Room Ten's Blog Board (MIS)

We have a great blog board in our cloak bay at school. We have a student who puts up a "Post of the week" each week along with the comment of the week ( the comment is just one we want to celebrate but may not be from that particular week) from either a student or another blog from here in New Zealand or one of our overseas friends.
Here are a couple of the comments we are celebrating this week:
jkmcclung said... What a great study, and it is great that the students were able to match visual images with the articles. Great stuff as always, keep it up.Mr. McClungNoel, Missouri US
This was for our human rights task matching the picture to the human rights violation. Another comment from that same post we liked was the following from Room 8 at Melville Int in Hamilton because we can now say we have had 1000 visitors to our site.
NZWaikato said... Room 10 and Miss F.What a wonderful post made all the more powerful by your mixture of text and pictures. I know my students like to view this blog and it is coming along very nicely. Soon you will have 1,000 visitors and you can be very proud of that. Thank you to the students from your class that have been leaving nice comments on our blog we really do appreciate it.Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Room 10 MIS - Nicoles Quilt

Sharing work online is very important as students get an opportunity to show and write about their work for others to see and comment on.
In fabric extension, I worked on a quilt of my horse 'Faith'. I started off slow and not really knowing what to do next. In the last few weeks I really worked hard. First I got a blown up picture of Faith and traced pattern pieces onto tracing paper and then onto visor fix, which is a special paper that glues to the fabric. The fabric got cut out and then put together on the background I had chosen. I then had to choose a back pattern and put padding in between them to make it thick and cushiony. Next was the sewing machine! We got black fur for the mane which really made the horse come to life. After sewing everything together Mrs Dainty bound it which means she sewed the border on. After the holidays I got so exited coming back to school because I knew I would see my quilt. I loved it so much!
I am really proud of my quilt and so is my family. Now Faith will be with us forever. By Nicole

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shared Book - our Favourite parts. Room 10 MIS

Earlier in the year we read the book Boyznbikes by Vince Ford. Here are 2 students sharing their favourite parts from this book. Our Learning intention was :to be able to share our favourite parts of our shared book in an interesting way for an audience.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yr 7 Students from Room 10 MIS Perform!

Room 10 Yr 7 students perform their song (with rap) that they composed about Fairies and Goblins in Ms Fergusson's Music class. Listen carefully to the lyrics to see if you can follow the plot.
We are looking forward to the Yr 8's song at the end of the year..... ROCK ON!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Room ten (MIS) - Reading

Nicole made this power point presentation on the short story "Pass it on" by David Hill. This is part of our 30pt Challenge where the students complete actvities based on different short stories. A story map is where you map out the main events of the story.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Room Tem MIS - Numeracy in Action

I posted the learning process (below) for two reasons ...
1. So my students could reflect on what they did ... and
2. So our PARENTS could see how we were doing it !!!!
Taking photos of the students creating their arrays helped explain what they were doing and will hopefully help illustrate the learning process to parents. I find Blogging offers so man y opportunities to continue developing learning partnerships with our parents.

"Todays groups looked at 7 lots of 38 and how we could work it out. They decided it was easiest to have 3 lots of 10 and 2 lots of 4 in each column.
That made it easier to work out 21 x 10 = 210 and then 4 x 14 = 56.
It was easy after that as 56 + 210 = 265as the answer. We then talked about 38 being close to 40 so 40 x 7 = 280 and because we added 7 lots of 2 we took off 14 from 280 which gave us 265 as well. Our last strategy was to look at 7 x 30 which is 210 and then times the remainder 8 by 7 which is 56 and add 56 onto 210 also giving us 265.
Phew ..... that was heaps of strategies in one lesson but it really does make it a lot quicker to answer things in our heads (imaging). "

Saro shares her character description..... using Vocaroo

Room Ten (Morrinsville Intermediate School) in Term 3 was looking into Characher descriptions, we looked at similes, metaphor, personification and many more. Saro shares her description of the following picture using our new favourite tool Vocaroo. This is a great tool for those not keen to be in front of the camera. Follow the link:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Welcome to our Coalface learning blog. Room 10 @ Morrininsville Intermediate decided this would be a good idea, so we can share the BEST of our work and ideas from our learning community's schools and get some feedback from each other (and other visitors).
In this blog we'll share learning examples from Year 7 & 8 students, and our teachers will explain the learning intentions and outcomes. Check out our middle school blog and junior school blog as well.
We'd love comments from other students & teachers in our learning community and interested people out there in the world .